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    hello internet I have this on my body forever

    I just reblogged this yesterday but its so pretty!

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    Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

    more people need to know about this.


    This is incredible. Give the anti-weed propaganda a rest. Let’s stop condemning s plant that literally saves lives.

    I saw this a few days ago.I find it crazy intresting. 

    My ex told me about this.
    Honestly, it’s pretty cool.

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    Happy 77th Birthday Jack Nicholson!  |  April 22, 1937

    Interviewer: What were the highlights of your life?

    Jack: The first screening of Easy Rider in Cannes, because I had been there before sneaking around. When I was sitting in the screening I realized that I was actually going to be a movie star. When I was over there I was pretty much already thinking about directing because I had been doing movies for 10 or 12 years by then. And everybody said I was good, but being known and not having a big film success is almost tougher than being completely new. It just kind of turned my life around and was definitely a highlight.

    Interviewer: Do you ever get that same buzz now?

    Jack: When they say I’m a great actor, I close my ears because it’s not good for you to think that way.

    Interviewer: You seem pretty confident though.

    Jack: Well, you know, I put on a good show.

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    Two bodies were found in the Yangtze River, China with their hands entwined together in red twine. The couples’ family did not agree with the marriage, so the lovers took their lives.

    Y’all could have just gotten an apartment together on the other side of town goddamn it ain’t have to be like this.

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  5. I am so grateful for my life, my boyfriend and everything he does for me and all of the happiness he brings into my life, my family and their love for me, for having a job that pays well and has helped me out of debt, for having a house of my own and a body I am mostly happy with. The sun I shining and it brings me back.

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    galaxy unter We Heart It.

    ~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~

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    Exotic aqua glass double helix. 

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    These are a few of my favorite things…

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    Let’s go through the list, shall we?

    • Stalking Cat was a computer programmer before he passed away earlier this year. He was Native American and trying to become closer to his totem animal. Through this, he helped pioneer all types of body modification and holds several Guinness Book Records.
    • Erik Sprague, aka Lizard Man, was a former PhD candidate. He has a bachelor’s in philosophy and is a performance artist: both through international side shows and as a music festival host.
    • Maria Jose Cristerna aka “La Mujer Vampiro”  (Vampire Woman) is the mother of four children and a fuckin’ lawyer. She started her transformation after getting out of an abusive marriage, and has talked out against domestic violence.
    • Rick Genest aka Rico The Zombie is a fucking international model, has more sponsorships than any of us could ever hope, and was featured in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video. Not bad for a 27-year old former homeless punk, I’d say.

    reblogging for the well researched and accurate shut down, good work mate

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    This fucking woman

    hell yea

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    The Sound of Silence is a horror games that dynamically adapts to a person’s greatest fear. It will deliver a different experience to each player. The game is said to be released in early 2014.

    You can view the full concept idea of it here: X

    I wish to play this game. Like right now. No one knows my deepest fears, not even me. This shall be good




    I want the game so bad.


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    I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

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